Long Distance Relationship Blues: 4 Spicy Ideas for Your Next Video Call

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For people who live far from their family members, video calling has become their common medium to stay connected with their loved ones constantly and in real-time.

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Recent developments on mobile technologies have also given users more reasons to stay connected with their family members. Here are some interesting ways you should try to make your next video calling more memorable and fun with your loved ones:

Play games together

You cannot spell fun without playing games. So, the next time are on a video call with your loved ones, play some online games or a simple charade. There are various games you can play with your family virtually. There are multi-player online games like SIMS City that updates in real-time or play the usual ones you love playing together. Here are some game ideas you can try:

Two Truths, One Lie – Take turns by telling each other one lie and two true information about yourself. Then, allow the other to guess which one is the lie and explain why.

• Last Letter – This game only requires you to be a quick thinker. The Last Letter will start by one of you stating one random word, while the other has to think of another word that starts with the last letter of the previous word.

Truth or Dare – For the couples who like to take some challenges, the truth or dare will test their honesty and braveness. But, prior to playing the game, it’s best to create a list of questions and dares in two bowls to be fair to both of you.

Some of the popular video calling services such as LINE Messenger or Skype have updated their software with built-in games. In fact, even Facebook Messenger has upgraded their  list of features in June to add game app titles like Doodle Draw Game.

Cook while on call

For those who love spending time in the kitchen, share this precious moment with your dear ones by cooking in front of them while they watch. Nothing is sweeter than to see someone cook your favorite dish or even just to cook with you. You can also have that day where you cook the same dish and eat together like distance does not exist between you. Here is where the split screen view feature becomes important. Both of you can watch the same cooking video while on a call, so no one misses an important ingredient or cooking process. Consider this a milestone in your relationship.

Watch movies or sing karaoke together

YouTube has a myriad of videos you can watch together. If you are the type of couple that spends Friday night at home watching movies, then you can purchase digital films via iTunes or Google PlayStore. Apps like Netflix also come with TV series and movies you can watch when you finally had some alone time together. If you both love singing, then you can watch Karaoke videos on YouTube. In fact, you can even record your video call while singing together and who knows? You might be the next singing couple sensation online.

Puppet show for the children

Distance doesn’t have to change the way you spend time with your little one. Make your next video calling fun through a virtual puppet show. It only needs a little of your creativity to make this happen. Old socks can be a great medium in this process and some Googly eyes you can buy at a local store or online like Amazon. The only thing left now is the story you will tell. It can either be the old stories like Goldilocks and the three bears or you can make one yourself.

Apart from virtual puppet shows, you can also read stories together before they go to sleep at night. Apps such as Caribu and Story Before Bed are great mediums to use that turns your regular video calls into a visible storytelling session with the children.

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