7 Must-Have Apps for Long Distance Relationships

When you’re far from your love, a few days apart can seem like years and a hundred miles can feel like a million more. But lucky us–we live in the age of technology and, despite its flaws, technology can help bridge the gap between partners in long-distance relationships.  Check out these apps that were made to bring you and your SO closer, no matter how many miles lie between you.

Love this list of real apps that can help people in LDRs

1. Couple

Couple combines the features of various other apps into one space for you and boo. You can share photos and messages, make phone calls, create calendar events and to do lists, draw pictures together, and share your location with each other. But one of the neatest features allows for real-time interaction! It’s called ThumbKiss™. When SOs touch the same spot on their phones, they vibrate together! Is it exactly like you’re kiss? Nah, but it’s pretty darn good when you’re miles apart and missing your sweetie. Awwww!

Couple is free with in-app purchases on iPhone and Android.

2. Between

Between lets you and your partner do it all: message, voice chat, create calendar events, countdown to special days, and store shared pics. A unique feature on this app allows you to create GIF selfies to share with your SO. If you switch phones, don’t worry–your data will transfer.

Between is free with in-app purchase on iPhone and Android.

3. Without

Without says its “an app for couples who like each other” and “for those with separation anxiety.”  But judging by its features, it seems like a pretty good for anyone who is in a relationship. Without connects you and your partner and easily sends quick messages, selfies, and share locations.  If you’re looking for a no-frills app that creates a direct connection for you and your SO, Without can do the trick.

Without is free and available on iPhone.

4. My Love

Anniversaries can be difficult and lonely in LDRs. One day becomes a symbol of your love when, in reality, every day is an expression of your commitment. My Love is an app that calculates how long you and bae have been a couple. This lets you “countup” to unexpected anniversaries, like 242 weekiversary, and takes the pressure off a countdown to an anniversary day you might not be able to share in-person.  (If you’re doing a LDR anniversary, check out my post on how to have the best one yet!)

My Love is free and available on iPhone and Android.

5. HeyTell

HeyTell doesn’t have cute emojis or photo timelines, but it does let you and your SO hear each other’s voices when calling isn’t an option.  Record a voice message and send it to your partner; they can listen to it when they’re available. This is a great option if your sweetie can’t take a phone call or if you just want to hear your love’s voice.

HeyTell is free with in-app purchases and available on iPhone and Android.

Love this list of real apps that can help people in LDRs

6. Lok Lok

If you can’t wait for honey to unlock their phone to see the cute morning message you sent, Lok Lok is perfect for your LDR. This app allows you to use photos, drawing, and text to create an image that shows up on the lockscreen of your SO’s phone. Unlike some of the other apps created specifically for use by two people, Lok Lok can be used with more than one contact.

Got a support group of other SOs in LDRs? Lok Lok will let you send them a supportive lock screen image, too!

Lok Lok is free and available on Android.

7. Dreamdays

One universal part of LDRs is the countdown: how long until our next visit, how long until you leave again, how long until we’re in the same place permanently… So it should be no surprise that there’s a countdown app are on this list. Dreamdays takes the challenge of counting down in a LDR and lets you customize them to stay positive and focused on the most important part of each countdown: time with your partner!

Dreamdays is available for purchase on iPhone and for free with in-app purchases on Android.

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