17 Essential Apps for Military Spouses

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If you’re anything like me, you’re glued to your phone.  For me, it’s my communication with friends and family and it’s my lifeline to my career. If you’re a freelancer and people can’t get in touch with you… you’re in trouble. But I’m trying to also make sure to use my phone as the powerful tool it is.

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After all, our phones are now so much more than just devices for communication. Yes, they’re even more than the ability to scroll through Pinterest for hours. Your phone can make your life so much easier with the right apps. These are the essentials that can help you with every facet of military life:


Check out the USAA app which grants you access to your accounts from wherever you are. Not a USAA member? You should be (awesome services and savings!)– and you qualify to become one as a military spouse!


Ibotta is a rebate app that saves you cash on a bajillion different things from a ton of different stores. And what’s even better? It works at the Commissary… which means you can save even more on or off base.


Y’all know I have nothing but love for Rakuten… which has just gotten stronger because they have an app. Yesss. Sign up here to save serious cash without any strings attached.

Goal Tracker

Keep track of all of your goals in one place. Simple, easy, and necessary if you need to see your goals in order to keep working at them.

Base Directory

This app includes Space A information and is the perfect companion for every military spouse– especially when you’re PCSing.

Sesame Street for Military Families

In order to reach military kids, Sesame Street has developed an app that incorporates tons of resources to help your children deal with some of the tougher parts of living this life.


This app gives you the ability to log all of your possessions by room and type. You can also store pictures and password protect all of it, which makes it perfect for PCSing, storing your goods after transition, or just keeping a running log of your valuables.


Need to relax? Check out Breathe2Relax .

Commissary Rewards Card

If you shop the Commissary often, you’ll want to download the rewards card app on iPhone and Android. It’ll streamline the process and let you know when there are specials.

Military Pay Calculator

This app will calculate military pay including BAS and BAH for active duty and reservists. (But it’s not endorsed by the DoD, so use it as a guide, not as the gospel.)

Checkout 51

This app helps you save money at the grocery store, even at the Commissary!


Use Sandboxx to send physical letters and photos through your phone to a loved one in the military.

Doing Time

Doing Time is a free app that counts down to a particular date… and so many military spouses and significant others swear by it for deployment.


Cartwheel saves you money at Target by allowing you to stack coupons and get special deals.

Retail Me Not

Look up deals with this app while you’re shopping.


No Facetime? No problem. Viber is a free program that will enable you to video chat, call, and text anyone who has the program for free through wifi.


Home2You keeps families keep in touch with a countdown timer, a time-zone tracker, secure videos and photos, and a bunch of other features.

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  1. Love Ibotta! One of my new favorites! Haven’t heard of the Base directory, but definitely is something I am going to download!

  2. Good list. Some of these can be used by more than just Military Spouses. I know of a couple of military spouse pages on Facebook. I’m going to share this page with them. I’m sure it will benefit them and at the same time, maybe get you some new readers.

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