Brentwood Home Pillows Made Our Holidays Comfier (with Coupon and Giveaway!)

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I received product in exchange for this post from Brentwood Home. All opinions and work are my own.

Small changes are often the ones that make the biggest impact. You switch out an old razor blade for a new one… and suddenly, your legs are smooth and you feel like a million bucks. You empty your downloads and recycling folders and suddenly Google doesn’t take for-ev-er to load. You rotate your tires and your car rides a little bit smoother.

So when we changed out our tired, flat pillows with Brentwood Home pillows, I was expecting big things.

And they delivered.

If you haven’t heard of them, Brentwood Home is a brand that prides itself on healthy home products use a combination of organic, nontoxic, and natural materials. (To be honest, I never even thought about the stuff I’ve been sleeping on every night. Turns out it makes a difference.)

The pillows are luxurious– adding these to your bedroom suite is probably the easiest way to feel like you’re suddenly in a fancy hotel. John and I enjoy different levels of firmness in our pillows and we both were very happy with them.

We tried out the Helena latex/kapok pillows in the and the Carmel molded latex pillows. The latex/kapok pillows are fluffy and the kind that your head sinks into. (That’s what I enjoy!)

The molded latex pillows offer more stability and support and are fantastic to prop up against for some reading time.

Brentwood Home also has a line of bedding for adults, kids, and pets and a ton of mattress options that offer a variety of price points and alternatives for all different needs and lifestyles.

Looking for a code? I’ve got a Brentwood Home coupon for you! Just use OURHOME  to get 10% off.

And if you’re looking for a little holiday cheer, well, I’ve got that for you too! Enter the giveaway to win a set of pillows just like ours! (Please note, Brentwood Home can only send to folks in the contiguous United States and cannot currently ship to APO/FPO addresses. If your mailing address is outside of these parameters, please do not enter.)
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  1. I don’t have a spouse in the military- thank you both for what you give to our country!

  2. I am super into homeopathic medicine, so my friends always ask for my homemade salves and such to help them get better!

  3. Similar items he wants in his Christmas stockings…beef sticks and chocolate.

  4. He’s always asking for homemade baked goods, and believe it or not, he has been asking me for some new pillows recently!

  5. The hubs isn’t gone yet, but we’ve talked about mostly toiletries.

  6. My husband wants magazines and lots of them. His favorites right now are the tractor magazines we sent from his dad.

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