Here’s How to Get Lowe’s New Military Discount and Perks

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love sharing opportunities from companies that offer military discounts, incentives, and perks!

Are you getting ready to do a little work around the house? (Or yard… or…?) If you are, make sure you take advantage of Lowe’s expanded military discount program. Now, all folks who have served honorably in the military–whether active or veteran–will be able to get 10% off all purchases and free shipping for online purchases with no minimum.

Lowe's has a new, expanded military discount for military families, veterans

All you need to do to receive the discount is register for the MyLowes card online.

Here’s how to get your 10% discount every time you shop at Lowe’s:

1. Visit

2. Complete the personal profile.

3. Make sure you check the “MyLowes” card box.

Lowe's has a new, expanded military discount for military families, veterans

Lowe’s military roots run deep– their founder, Carl Buchan, was an Army veteran. Lowe’s employs roughly 10,000 military-connected folks and more than 800 are currently deployed. They have had a military discount for more than a decade. Previously, it had been open to active duty service members and retirees nationally, while some individual stores offered discounts to veterans.

Please note: I am not affiliated with Lowe’s and cannot troubleshoot or help resolve any issues with the myLowe’s program or discount. Please direct your questions to your local Lowe’s store.

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  1. If I could find where to fill out the personal profile, I would. Did you try to make it as hard to find as possible?

    1. Get into your My Lowe’s on their website. Be sure you sign in and you are on the My Lowe’s page, not the home/shopping page. Navigate to the bottom of the page, right column-Customer Service, last item should be what you are looking for.

  2. I’m trying to register for my military discount,but your making it impossible.

  3. what did your do with the so called easy sign up for military discount???????
    fire the person that thought this up!!!!!!!!!

  4. I shop at at least r different Lowes stores in the Columbia S.C. area Io enjoy using my military discounts

  5. Thank you. I was able to sign up for the military discount using the instructions provided. It helps to have your DD214 available when filling this out in case you forget your separation/discharge/retirement date.

  6. Thank you for posting this. The web address in the current Lowes flyer did not work but the comment from R K Hollingshead was helpful. I signed up for Mylowes, went to the bottom of the mobile page to customer service, clicked on the bottom link military service and entered my husband’s information. They only ask for the veteran’s name and dob, branch of service and date of separation. They use a “highly trusted” independent verification agency to check the data. You can also take an ID And DD214 to the store in person. The discount can also be used by spouses who sign up for Mylowes and do the process through the customer service link on the web site.

  7. I’ve been using my Veterans Card issued by the VA office in my my home town for quite some time with no problem. The other day the cashier questioned me about if I was registered. I said I guess so I’ve been using this card for a while. She said you need to register at the service counter. ???? What do they need to register. Every time you do something good for your customers you attach strings. I used to work in retail and every time the company made a change in procedure that required something from the customer they would say, you have to train the customer to accept this new procedure. Guess what the company is no longer in business.

  8. Tried to sign up for e Military discount but Lowe’s wont even accept my email address. I give up!!!

  9. Cant even get by the email< to get a new password before it tells me I don't know my email!! Hell I didn't even know I ever had a password!!

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