How Yogabed Can Make Your PCS Easier

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I received product in exchange for this review. All opinions and work are my own.

When John and I started our last military move, we had to confront reality: We looked at our mattress.

It was old.

It was heavy.

It was awkward.

And it was not fitting into our UHaul.

I mean, it was definitely not fitting into our UHaul. Between the weight requirement and the actual usefulness of our mattress– it pretty much had gone to bedding heaven– we decided to give it a burial at the local dump. Our truck was lighter, we didn’t throw out our backs moving it… and yet, it still felt like we were throwing money away.

Purchasing a mattress is such a stupidly stressful process– and it’s expensive too– so getting rid of a mattress feels monumental.

Enter Yogabed.

Yogabed a mattress that comes in a box (yes, for real!), making it easy to move and get up even the narrowest of staircases and most awkward rooms. (And we all know that military life can see some pretty weird apartments and homes!) And it just may make your PCS just a little easier. Here’s why:

Easy to order

Instead of traipsing to a bunch of different stores, you can browse and order your Yogabed online. That means you can order a new mattress while the movers are unloading, or while your kids are watching those creepy YouTube unboxing videos, or while you’re taking a break from hanging pictures.  And there are a ton of options– from accessories like extra pillows and waterproof protectors–to the sizes and types of beds.  (There are even Yogabeds for your pets!)


You know that awful moment when you need to start unpacking and your spouse has been spirited away by the military for training, or onboarding, or whatever? Suddenly, you’re responsible for everything, including the awkward stuff that needs to be moved around, unboxed, packed up, or put away. You don’t have to worry about that with Yogabed. As I mentioned before, it comes packed in a box, so it’s easy to move up and down stairs, and around corners. To unpack, you just unroll it and let it spring back to shape. Even when it’s ready to go, it’s still easier to move than a traditional mattress.

Memory foam

Yogabed is made with memory foam, so it definitely does feel a little different than a traditional mattress. Not bad, just different. But memory foam feels great, especially if you never can seem to get comfy on traditional mattresses. And after the craziness of PCSing, you definitely need a good night’s sleep.

Free delivery

Oh yeah, delivery is free. And that’s always a bonus.

Money-back guarantee

Buying a bed online can be a little frightening. That’s why Yogabed has a 101 night guarantee. If you sleep on the bed for 30 days and hate it, notify Yogabed within the first 101 days of owning the bed for a pick up of the mattress and a 100% refund. That way you don’t have to worry about dragging it back to a store, having to pay for a pick up, or just sucking it up and dealing–like you do with more traditional mattresses.

Made in America

It’s not going to make your PCS better, but I do think it’s important to note that Yogabed is made in the US– in Indiana, in fact.


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