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This post is sponsored by Aeroflow. All work and opinions are mine.

Especially if you’re a first-time mom (or first-time mom-to-be), it can all be a little overwhelming. From parenting bloggers (all with different opinions and varying levels of education on the subject at hand) to the pressure you put on yourself (the struggle is real!) to the books and videos and magazine articles and advice that everyone shares (all the time), you might be feeling like you’re caught in a tsunami of information and emotions.

Enter Aeroflow, a medical equipment provider that specializes helping pregnant and nursing women navigate TRICARE and the Affordable Care Act, so they can receive a breast pump and supplies for no cost to them. (More on that later.) Aeroflow is hoping to help you take control and feel more educated by putting you in touch with folks who actually know what they’re talking about because it’s what they do and who they are. Great list of lactation specialists and consultants for breastfeeding moms in the US. Searchable with lots of info. pregnant, pregnancy, military spouse, milspouse, tricare #ad

(Let’s get to the free stuff first… and there’s a lot of it!)

This Resource Is Completely Free

Aeroflow’s Lactation Consultant Directory is a list of Lactation Resources and Lactation Support Groups so you’re able to get the help and information you need by credible, real experts… not just people who think they know what they’re talking about. These folks actually do! (And right now, there are more than 600 of them on the list… with more being added all the time.) The list designates a variety of kinds of experts:

  • IBCLC- International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • CLS – Certified Lactation Specialist
  • CLC – Certified Lactation  Counselor
  • RN – Registered Nurse
  • CBE – Community Breastfeeding Educator
  • CLE – Certified Lactation Educator
  • BC – Breastfeeding Counselor
  • ANLC – Advanced Nurse Lactation Counselor
  • WIC Peer Counselor – Women Infant Children Peer Counselor
  • BE – Breastfeeding Educator
  • LEC – Lactation Education Consultant
  • ALC – Advanced Lactation Counselor
  • RD – Registered Dietitian
  • LLL Leader – La Leche League Leader

To use it, simply search your zip code and choose if you want lactation resources, support groups, or both. You can expand or refine your search based on distance up to 150 miles.

When you search, your results will populate with a map indicating where they appear in relationship to you. Results are also color-coded (green for lactation resources, pink for support groups) and give you an email address, phone number, website, and address to contact.

The map is also responsive. Just click on the icons to find more information–including a description and photo–about the individual or group.

And anyone can use this list– even if you already have a breast pump or aren’t quite there yet. It’s a completely no-strings-attached free resource you can use to find knowledgeable, helpful individuals and groups for your breastfeeding and parenting journey.

What Is a Lactation Support Professional?

Lactation Support Professionals are, quite simply, people who have training and education surrounding lactation and breastfeeding. There there are nuances between certifications, they all can help with milk production, proper latching, and knowing when something is wrong, like infection.
Here’s what Glenni Lorick, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Registered Lactation Consultant, has to say about the Aeroflow Lactation Consultant Directory:
Having a Lactation Directory is just a logical next step to continue providing ongoing breastfeeding support to those parents with whom they have an established relationship. I was eager to be a part of this unique resource because it enables me to provide even more comprehensive support to my clients. I am able to facilitate them getting a pump through insurance, then after the baby is born, I can ensure that breastfeeding is going well. Having a lactation consultant is important because we are specially trained to help mothers and babies overcome obstacles and have a successful breastfeeding experience. I offer consultation services in my office as well as in the client’s home. I help with everything from latch to weaning! If mom is having any discomfort, I can assess the problem and adjust baby’s latch for greater comfort.
Great list of lactation specialists and consultants for breastfeeding moms in the US. Searchable with lots of info. pregnant, pregnancy, military spouse, milspouse, tricare #ad

How Else Can Aeroflow Help You?

If you’re a new mom (including a new adoptive mom who plans to breastfeed), TRICARE will cover your breast pump and supplies at no cost to you. (Don’t believe me? Here it is in black-and-white from TRICARE’s website.) You can do this in two ways: Ordering it on your own and submitting receipts and paperwork, or through a company that gives you the breast pump up front and submits all of the receipts and paperwork on your behalf. (That’s what Aeroflow does.)

TRICARE will cover these types of breast pumps:

  • Hospital-grade
  • Manual breast pump
  • Standard electric breast pump

And these supplies for up to 36 months after birth:

  • Standard power adapters
  • Tubing and tubing adaptors
  • Locking rings
  • Bottles and bottle caps
  • Shield/splash protectors
  • Storage bags

Aeroflow can provide you with all of those things at no cost to you… and no hassle either. If you want to learn more, just click here.

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