83 Power Words for Military Spouses in the New Year

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An entire new year. What possibilities will the next 365 days bring? The next 10 years?

The new year always fills me with possibility… and a little bit of dread and pragmatism. After all, I’m not new to this rodeo. There’s the initial excitement of planning all of the new things that I’ll do and be in the new year. I’ve made resolutions. Chosen words that are supposed to define and center my year. But I rarely follow through with them after a few days or a few weeks. Life gets in the way and I end up being the same person with the same habits and flaws in the new year that I was in the last.

Maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Something always comes up. The resolutions go by the wayside. The words go out the window. The intentionality that we start the year seems to fade away by February. A PCS or deployment happens. A kid ends up in the hospital. There are permission forms to sign and rent checks to send and suddenly it’s June and the new year doesn’t feel so new. It feels worn in and we feel worn down. And there are birthday presents to buy and vacations to plan and jobs to interview for and then it’s October.

And November.

And December.

And it seems like nothing has changed from year to year.

Bu I think that there really is power in choosing a word (and maybe even a resolution, too). Even if it’s hard to stay focused the whole year. Even if that resolution doesn’t seem to be practical by March

This year, I’m going to be optimistic and plan my resolutions and my words and my habits and really try this time around. Because it is a new year. And what do we have if we are not optimistic and hoping for something better? We need the new year and a clean slate, even if we know it won’t stay so new and shiny and produce a brand new us.

These power words can help you set your intentions and goals for the next year.#milspouse #deployment #militaryspouse #jomygosh #militarywife #advice #ldr #longdistance #longdistancerelationship #relationship #militaryfamily #milfam #milfams #milso #milsos #milspouse #milspouses #milspo #milspos

If you’re thinking about having a word for this brand new year, here are a few examples to get you reflecting on the past year and thinking forward:

  1. Love
  2. Hope
  3. Peace
  4. Joy
  5. Discipline
  6. Abundance
  7. Help
  8. Support
  9. Focus
  10. Energy
  11. Health
  12. Wellness
  13. Mercy
  14. Kindness
  15. Optimism
  16. Knowledge
  17. Enjoyment
  18. Grace
  19. Purpose
  20. Listen
  21. Integrity
  22. Forgive
  23. Release
  24. Flexibility
  25. Understanding
  26. Patience
  27. Intentional
  28. Authentic
  29. Story
  30. Ethical
  31. Bold
  32. Dare
  33. Gratitude
  34. Contentment
  35. Connection
  36. Stillness
  37. Strength
  38. Surrender
  39. Family
  40. Friends
  41. Consistent
  42. Confidence
  43. Loyalty
  44. Healing
  45. Home
  46. Courage
  47. Empower
  48. Truth
  49. Thankful
  50. Unconditional
  51. Fearless
  52. Build
  53. Blessed
  54. Communication
  55. Gentleness
  56. Potential
  57. Rest
  58. Usefulness
  59. Distance
  60. Progress
  61. Intention
  62. Start
  63. Perseverance
  64. Adventure
  65. Accomplish
  66. Celebrate
  67. Direction
  68. Challenge
  69. Balance
  70. Revisit
  71. Better
  72. Delight
  73. Sacred
  74. Improve
  75. Creative
  76. Align
  77. Embrace
  78. Mindfulness
  79. Exuberance
  80. Life
  81. Thoughtful
  82. Pause
  83. Brave

Start your new year off right:

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