5 Ways to Make Your Military Life Better In the New Year

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A new year.

It’s exciting, isn’t it?

What possibilities will the next 365 days bring? The next 10 years?

The new year always fills me with possibility… and a little bit of dread and pragmatism. After all, I’m not new to this rodeo. There’s the initial excitement of planning all of the new things that I’ll do and be in the new year. I’ve made resolutions. Chosen words that are supposed to define and center my year. But I rarely follow through with them after a few days or a few weeks. Life gets in the way and I end up being the same person with the same habits and flaws in the new year that I was in the last.

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Maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This year, I’m going to be optimistic and plan my resolutions and my words and my habits and really try this time around. Because it is a new year and a new decade. And this one is going to be the best one yet.

If you’re looking for a few new ways to ring in the new year, try these:

1. Start a bucket list

You know that I’m a big fan of deployment bucket lists. But you don’t need a deployment to start one. Bucket lists are easy ways to hone in on the things you want to try and do that you might not. After all, life gets busy. Bucket lists can help keep you focused and give you a few interesting stories along the way. Here’s how to get started on a bucket list, and here are 46 ideas for the new year.

2. Make a military-inspired resolution

Sometimes the only thing you can count on for the next year is that you don’t know what to count on when it comes to military life. Instead of making a resolution you might not be able to keep (thanks, DoD!), try these military-proof resolutions that will make your year and your military journey a ton better.

3. Give back

The new year tends to have us looking inward at ourselves. What weight can we lose? How can we be cleaner or more efficient or happier or more well-traveled? This year, consider looking outward to make an improvement. Is this the year you’re a better ally for LGBT military families? Perhaps there’s a new mom in your neighborhood who could use some extra encouragement. Or maybe you want to reduce your environmental impact by living greener.

4. Give credit

The internet is full of people who are full of themselves. (And yes, there are definitely those kinds of people in the military, too.) What if, instead of pumping up yourself or the same few people that you always praise, you pass that limelight onto other people– the ones that other people don’t often see. Share the spotlight and see how you can illuminate the world this year.

5. Dive in

The military community is diverse and vibrant and interesting. There are so many interesting people to meet, things to do, and places to travel to. This year, dive into the military community. Maybe that means finding a new podcast from the community, or attending an event in person. Maybe it means meeting your new neighbor or avoiding the drama and finding the friends that count.

Start your new year off right:

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