6 On-Point Gifts for Military Spouses

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There’s something wonderful about surprising a friend with a gift. Whether it’s for Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Mother’s Day, or “just because,” a little happy mail lets someone know you’re thinking of them and brightens their day. (And you all know how I feel about the power of the mail!)

I’ve collected a few of my favorite gift ideas for military spouses. They’re all owned by women (yay!) and most are military spouse or veteran-owned. (Double yay!)

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Take a look and let me know in the comments– What happy mail do you send to your military spouse friends?

1. A gorgeous necklace

I don’t know about you, but I love getting a gift that’s a little sparkly and shiny from time to time. And that sparkly, shiny thing is 100 times better when it comes from a company that is women-owned and ethically sources its materials. Enter: AUrate. Based in New York City, AU-Rate has affordable jewelry made with recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones and pearls. And to top it off, for every purchase made, the company donates a children’s book to disadvantaged youth.

Personally, I’m a big fan of rose gold, right now, and I fell completely head over heels for the Obelisk Pendant. Simple, chick, and a showstopper. I was impressed, too, with the quality packaging, which is plastic-free, feels luxurious to the touch, and looks just lovely. Not only is it gorgeously presented, the jewelry also comes with a travel pouch to store and keep the gift safe, no matter where your friends’ journeys take them.

If you’re worried about the pricey-ness of such a gift, AUrate offers a variety of options and price points that can fit the occasion and your budget. No matter the price, their designs can be dressed up and featured as a show-stopper, or dressed down with a pair of comfy jeans. Their streamlined looks are versatile and classic, which makes them a perfect option for anyone, regardless of their tastes.

2. Meaningful bracelets

This year has been a rough one for everyone, but it’s been particularly hard for military spouses who are living with the uncertainties of delayed PCSes and extended deployments. It seems like everyone feels a bit… drained. That’s why I love military spouse owned Charliemadison Originals’ line of statement bracelets. These chic bracelets are colorful, beautiful, and each has a meaning attached to them. There’s also the option to order DIY bracelet kits, which is a fun twist on a gift.

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3. Happy mail kits

Gorgeous stationery. Fun washi tape. Other surprises and treats. If your gift recipient loves keeping in touch with friends and family, the happy mail kits from Westhouse are perfect. I mean, look at these. And did I mention that Westhouse is owned by a military spouse, too?

4. A gorgeous gift for their relationship

Send a pair of boxes to your military spouse friend through Fronts Box, a new subscription box service for military couples. The spouse at home and serving spouse each get a box chock full of full-size goodies from small businesses meant to be helpful, promote self-care, and keep their relationship strong while being apart.

5. A brave surprise

If your friend is reeling from a deployment (or is preparing for one), check out Brave Crate– a subscription box by a military spouse created and curated for military spouses and significant others going through deployment. The boxes are truly amazing– literally every box I have received tops the last. And a Brave Crate subscription comes with an online community, master classes, and other supports that will help your friend get through a tough time with pizazz.

6. A trip to the beach

Well… through the mail. Saltwater and Sand is not only created and owned by a military spouse, it’s also received huge accolades, including Buzzfeed’s 2019 Best New Subscription Box. While you can order a year subscription (the box is seasonal and ships every three months), you can also send just one box as an unexpected gift. No matter your choice, each box is filled with luxury, full-size gifts inspired by the beach.  And everyone could use a mental vacation to the beach every now and again.


2 Responses

  1. As a last-minute procrastinator, I often struggle with finding the perfect gift in time for special holidays (especially Mother’s Day)! This article was super helpful and gave me lots of gift ideas for Mother’s Day shopping which were unique and thoughtful! I especially liked the Coffee Shop in a Box idea (so cool you own your own coffee shop!!)

  2. My best friend is in a relationship with a boy in the marines so I will be sending this article to her. This is a very thoughtful post and I’m so happy I read it!

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