Here’s Why We’re Sending Postcards to People We Love

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by Meg Flanagan

Since mid-March, our mailbox has never been busier. Sometimes, I wonder if my family is single-handedly keeping the USPS running. It seems like every other day we’re sending mail to Massachusetts. Plus, we’re getting mail on the daily as well.

What’s the reason behind all that postage? Postcards.

We’re sending postcards, letters, drawing and plain old cards to friends and family regularly. It’s part of our Plan for Increased Connections, spurred by the pandemic.

Really, it’s simple, Let’s breakdown why postcards are our love language right now.

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They’re Simple

Seriously, just a single 3×5 piece of card stock and you’ve got yourself a postcard. That’s it. How easy!

They’re Cheap

Most postcards cost under $1, plus a little bit of postage. For about $15 you can send 10-12 little slices of love in the mail.

They’re Customizable

Did you know that not all postcards come with a pretty picture? It’s true! Some are blank on both sides. We love this kind since my kids can draw a cute picture on one side and add a few words on the other.

Everyone Likes Getting Fun Mail

Adults get a lot of bills in the mail. It makes getting the mail, well, un-fun. Postcards put a little bit of fun back into the mailbox. Kids are still in love with getting mail. It’s something about seeing an official item with their name on it, I guess. Either way, postcards are a touch of whimsy for everyone.

You Can Bulk Buy

With so many postcards available for cheap, you can buy a ton right now to send over a period of weeks or months. It makes it easy to keep sending mail over the long term. Whether you grab pre-printed postcards or a bunch of completely blank ones, you’ll love having a stash to send whenever.

Postcards are Pretty

Postcards are little works of art, no doubt. Next time you venture out of self-isolation, check out a rack of them. They’re colorful and pretty. Sending them adds a little bit more life to the mail, normally full of white envelopes.

You Can Display Them

Continuing with the arty theme, you can put postcards up as decor! One of our favorite ways to show off what we receive in the mail is to clip them onto a string or tape them to a cabinet door. We love looking back at postcards and talking about where they came from.

You Can Share Your Life

Postcards offer a little slice of your own life. Whether you’re adding your own art or sending a picture from a trip, the recipient gets a peek into your adventure. Yes, even if that adventure is currently limited to your own town.

Everyone Can Write One

Witness my three-year-old scribbling on his postcards. Anyone can write a postcard who can hold a pen, pencil or crayon. Seriously.

Postcards Inspire Future Travel

I love getting postcards from people around the country and world. Sure, right now we’re all stuck at home. But it (hopefully) won’t be like this forever. And when we can travel, I’ll be planning trips to many of the places on the postcards we’ve received during lockdown!

Postcards Serve as Memory

My parents still live in my hometown, in the house where I grew up. They often send us postcards with scenes of that tiny New England town, sparking memories of happy times together for all of us. In return, we send drawings the kids created or postcards from our Northern VA city.

Connections are Important

We can’t be with other people right now. Or at least my family is skipping our annual pilgrimage to New England this summer. So we’re looking to create and strengthen ties between my kids and their grandparents in any way we can. Postcards are the perfect way to keep the conversations going, especially when apart.

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Meg Flanagan is a teacher, blogger and military spouse. She owns Meg Flanagan Education Solutions, an education advocacy service dedicated to serving families on the K-12 journey. You can find Meg on Facebook. Meg is also available as a freelance writer and personal education advocate!

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