15 Care Packages Every New Mom Will Love

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Adding a new child to your family can be stressful and joyful, beautiful and frankly a little messy. But most of all, it’s a celebration! You’ll love gifting these care packages every new mom will love!

The birth of a baby is exciting... and can be stressful! Share a little bit of love and care for a new mom with these care package ideas.

Busy Mom’s Survival Kit

It’s the happiest, and busiest, time in the new parents’ lives so far. They’ve got no extra time for anything at all.

Which means that cooking, cleaning and taking care of themselves all gets pushed to the back burner. Curate a thoughtful gift basket that helps relieve some of the pressure to get all the things done, all the time.

  • Takeout gift cards to local restaurants that deliver
  • Several fully prepped freezer meals
  • Pretty, personalized water bottle, like these from military spouse-owned Royal Banana
  • Hand cream in her favorite scent
  • Luxurious make-up removal wipes

Pampering Care Package for Mommas

New moms have no time for themselves. Gifting this sweet and thoughtful kit will help her take some much needed me time!

Keep in mind that baths are often a no-go for a few weeks after giving birth.

  • Relaxing bath bombs or bath salts, perhaps from Pop Fizzion – another military spouse-owned business
  • Add extra scent to their home with a handmade candle from The Candle Wife
  • Pop a face mask into the spa at home kit
  • Colorful nail polish, especially something that is non-toxic
  • A bar of their favorite luxury brand chocolate or candy

Bath Time Bubbles Care Package

Bath time is such a wonderful time for mother-child bonding. Help make these moments extra lovely with a thoughtful care package for a new mom!

  • Baby bath products, like the sets from Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson or Babyganics
  • Hooded bath towels in a super-soft fabric
  • Flannel or very soft baby wash cloths
  • First aide kits for baby, like the one from Safety1st, are essential
  • Faucet covers for the shower or tub
  • Little bath toys, but especially the rubber duckies that indicate the temperature of the bath water

Gifts for a Busy Mom on the Go

Let’s be honest: moms are running around like crazy! Which means that she might want (need) a few little extras to keep things shipshape and moving.

Care Package for a New Mom Fitness Fanatic

Moms who workout regularly need some specialized equipment, like sports bras that double as nursing bras. Help your friend out with these essentials for the gym or running trail!

  • SYROKAN makes incredible sport bras with front Velcro-adjustable straps and incredible support
  • A gift card to their favorite or local fitness shop to grab some new postpartum workout clothes
  • Subscribe them to Peloton or another fitness program (but only if fitness if their passion AND you clear it with them first)
  • A giant insulated, personalized water bottle so they stay hydrated at the gym
  • Universal stroller organizers will keep the essentials handy when they’re moving fast
  • Clip-on stroller fan to keep everything cool

For the Mom of Multiples

Surprise! It’s twins (or triplets or quads…or more!) and the busy parents can use all the help they can get. Swoop to the rescue with these gift ideas!

  • Grab double of their baby shower gift list items
  • Gift a bottle warmer to make those double nighttime feeds a little easier and speedier
  • Add a few super soft hooded towels and wash cloths
  • Bouncy seats have long been a parental life saver
  • An extra Boppy or nursing pillow can help keep kiddos calm

Gifts for Moms with Older Kids, too

Adding a new baby is such a delight, especially when someone is getting promoted to big brother or big sister at the same time! While you’re going to want to pamper Mom (and Dad), it’s important to include other kids in the celebration, too.

  • A baby doll with doll-sized diapers, a doll bath tub and some clothes – so that big siblings can care for their own “baby”
  • Age-appropriate books about becoming an older sibling, like the ones suggested on Every Mom
  • Small gifts for the older sibling(s) to help them feel included in the celebration
  • Plan to provide child care or play dates for big brothers and sisters to help ease Mom’s workload
  • Kid-friendly dinners, like tacos or lasagna, with a dessert and a non-alcoholic drink included

Care Package for Older Babies

Everyone wants to love on a newborn, providing tons of gifts like clothes and swaddles. But babies don’t keep, and new parents would love your thoughtful gift as their bundle of joy grows! Or perhaps you have friends adopting or fostering an older baby or toddler? This is the gift they’ll love to receive!

  • Clothes in the baby’s current size plus (or) clothes for 6 months from now
  • Age-appropriate toys, like the ideas suggested by Modern Parents, Messy Kids
  • Potty training books, especially Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Clowacki
  • Gift certificates to restaurants
  • And an offer (with specific dates you’re available!) to babysit so that the tired parents can leave their baby and enjoy a date night without diapers or baby bottles

Baby Bottle Sampler Pack

Trying to find the best bottle for baby is daunting, and expensive. Help the new Mom out (if you know she will be using a bottle) by gifting a selection of baby bottles and nipples in various sizes. Also, yes, there are different types of bottle nipples and babies can be choosy about which ones they prefer.

Look for these very popular bottle brands:

  • Tommee Tippee
  • Munchkin
  • Lansinoh
  • Avent
  • Dr. Brown’s
  • Evenflo
  • Playtex
  • Kiinde

Many of these brands offer starter kits with multiple bottles and nipple types to help Mom and baby figure out what they both like.

Sweet Sleepy Survival Kit

Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby, except a baby that the parents cannot get to sleep at all. Help Mom and Dad soothe their little love to dreamland with a thoughtful nighttime kit.

  • SwaddleMe swaddles and sleep sacks, with options for right now and for a bigger baby
  • Johnson & Johnson nighttime baby bath
  • Johnson & Johnson lavender-scented nighttime baby lotion
  • Diffuser with infant-safe essential oil designed for nighttime relaxation
  • Sound machines are worth their weight in gold
  • Velvety sheets (but no pillows, blankets or crib bumpers – those are safety hazards!)
  • Bottle of wine for the tired parents

PS: I’m a two-time mom and swear by SwaddleMe swaddles and sleep sacks. Both my kids wore these until age 2 and currently sleep like absolute champs!

Summer Baby Gift Basket

Babies born in summer are diving into the heat right away. New moms (and dads!) need to be prepped for a summer spent cooling off their little one!

  • Clip-on, battery powered stroller fan
  • Stroller cooling pad (props to military moms in Okinawa who shared this amazing secret hack!)
  • Lightweight muslin car seat cover for breathable protection
  • Cooling towel (for the parents!)
  • Personalized insulated water bottles
  • Cute summer clothes or a baby swimsuit

Gifts for Fall Babies

The leaves are changing and your friend’s baby is growing! Celebrate autumn babies with thoughtful gifts that Mom will love.

  • Cozy infant car seat covers to keep baby warm as the days cool off
  • Knitted hats or sweaters, maybe a fun seasonal design from A Soldier’s Heart, a military spouse-owned small business
  • A cute fall outfit from military spouse-owned Fair Winds Handmade
  • A personalized insulated travel mug for warm fall beverages
  • A cute scarf with pockets because you know they don’t have enough hands to carry anything else these days

Snuggle Up Gifts for Winter Babies

Celebrate winter and a new baby with sweet, seasonal gifts to make the new parents smile!

  • Knitted hats are where it’s at for winter babies
  • Gift several pairs of fleece footed pajamas in several sizes
  • Warm, fleece swaddle wraps are a big winner in winter
  • A cute humidifier to save bebe from the dry winter air (and prevent an early cold)
  • Baby Vick’s chest rub and bath (save this for babies over 3 months old or gift with a gentle warning)
  • Cozy tea, maybe in gingerbread or peppermint, to keep Mom hydrated and warm

Presents for Spring Babies

You’ll want to spoil little spring babies, especially now that the weather is warming up and the outdoors are calling!

  • Gift a sun hat with 50+ SPF protection
  • Washable picnic blankets that fold up small are essential for outside tummy time
  • Bug repellant stickers (for the stroller, baby carrier or the adult)
  • Lightweight footed pajamas because the nights are still chilly and footie ‘jams never go out of style
  • Luxurious sunscreen for Mom (and Dad) to prevent sunburns on their outside adventures

Getting Started with Food Survival Kit

Woohoo! A new adventure is starting: solid food. But this can be a terrifying time for parents, too. To help ease their worries and provide fun options, pull together a thoughtful care package with all the essentials.

  • Steaming veggies in a microwave-safe container saves time
  • Silicon ice cube trays in fun shapes and a few different sizes make batch baby food making so much easier
  • Baby food scissors for the infant who wants whatever is on the adults’ plates
  • Baby food cookbooks, like Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook or Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning
  • Suction feeding mats are a lifesaver for a child that just loves to dump their food
  • Washable, waterproof floor covers will save carpets and parental sanity

No-Battery Toys They’ll Love

Know what every parent dislikes? Toys that make a lot of noise or require batteries. It’s a fact. Ask your friends. Instead of getting the latest battery powered toy of the moment, stick to these classic kid-powered toys!

  • Balls, larger than the baby’s mouth to prevent choking
  • Wooden blocks, ABC and 123 designs optional
  • Push poppers, exactly like the one you pretended to mow the grass with years ago
  • BPA-free, sturdy plastic cups and bowls (trust me on this one)
  • Boats and toys that float for the tub
  • Wooden cars and animals that they can push or pull on a string
  • Chunky wooden puzzles with a knob on each piece

Remember to buy toys that the little one will enjoy now and down the road, too!

Classic Board Books to Read with Baby

One of the best gifts new parents can receive is books, especially board books. They are ideal for bedtime soothing, tummy time observation and reading throughout the day! A reader is a leader, so start the baby off on the right track ASAP.

  • Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • Jamberry by Bruce Degen
  • On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman
  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
  • The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
  • Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt
  • The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Eric Carle
  • Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney
  • Dear Zoo by Rob Campbell
  • Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden

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