How to Make an Inspiration Book

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Create a quick and inexpensive inspirational book for a loved one-- perfect for deployed military, college students, and missionaries.

In August, I came across this craft on Etsy. It’s a book called “How to Pray for Your Sailor.” Essentially, each prayer or verse is on a 4×6 card and is laminated and spiral bound. It’s made to be durable and portable. …And it’s $18.Yes. Eighteen. Dollars.My first thought when I saw the book? “Wow, that’s super cool!” And when I saw the price? “Yeesh. I can do that myself.”

And I did! And so can you!

Cost:  $2ish without shipping , $4ish with First Class shipping

(Even if you have no materials at home, it won’t cost you more than $5!)


  • a 4×6 photo book
  • colored cardstock
  • photos
  • markers

The photo books I found at Wal-Mart were $1 and came with removable cards for the front and back covers. I decorated both. The front you see here, and the back is in the below photo collage.

I cut each card to 4×6 and then added either a favorite Bible verse, a happy thought, something super mushy and romantic, a promise for when he comes home, or a photo that I know John doesn’t have a hard copy of in Afghanistan. I slid two cards into each photo sleeve (one facing forward, one facing backward) so each page was double-sided.

If you throw it in a 5×7 envelope, it should ship First Class at no more than $2.  I put this in the 100 Days Box, but I have another photo book that I’m going to gussy up and send John’s way… sometime in the future.

Et voila! You have a really personal, cute book and you just saved $16. That’s $16 for a manicure… or 4 boxes of Oreos… or shipping for a large Priority Mail box… or… !

PS. Check out 8 Romantic Care Package Ideas + 5 Bible Verses and a Prayer for Deployment.

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  1. So glad I ran into this site. My son is only on day 3 of his deployment. He is in a ship and well, I think he is already stir crazy and sounding depressed. So if I can send him things like I did in boot camp, I would love to do it. I have his ship address. How did you mail your things? Is there a military sure to help lower the costs? The photo book idea is cool, magazines, books, deck of cards… just need to know about the mailing or shipping!!
    , Thank you, Navy mom Lori

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