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Hi! I am thrilled to be the SITS Girls‘ featured blogger today! I absolutely love the friendships that I’ve cultivated through SITS (you know who you are!). If you are a blogger and haven’t checked out this extraordinary community, you really should! You won’t be disappointed!
A special welcome to any SITS-tahs who are in the house! Please let me know you’ve dropped by! I’d love to link up and  stay in touch with you through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest
I started Jo, My Gosh! last August as a way to catalog and cope with my fiance’s year-long deployment to Afghanistan. (Today’s Deployment Day 296! And we’re still going strong!) 
Since so many people have the same reaction when they find out that John is currently serving a tour in Afghanistan–“We’re still over there? I thought everyone was coming home!”– I think it’s important to write about what deployment is like for us. And–I’m not going to sugar-coat it– it can be frustrating, frightening, and tiring.
But this blog isn’t just about the military or just about deployment. And it’s not just about the negative stuff that has happened this year. There have been a many wonderful things that have transpired, too!
Here’s what you can expect from Jo, My Gosh! I share the care packages that I send to John (and my college-going sister, Becky). You can regularly find posts about recipes and crafts that I’ve tried and loved. I also frequently document my quest to complete a list of 100 goals and activities in 365 days. (Learning how to blow glass and make sushi is still on the list… but plans to do both are in the works!) As a side note, if you have your own bucket list (or whatever you happen to call it), be sure to link up with my Carpe Diem Directory!  With a wedding that’s coming up in just 106 days (but who’s counting?) I’m excited to post more wedding ideas, tips, and DIY adventures, too! 
Life is what you make it– and I’m trying to make it amazing and memorable! Browse around, get comfy, and join me for the ride!
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  1. Happy SITS day. Good luck with your wedding in 106 days and remember, the only people who know something isn’t just perfect is the two of you so relax and have fun.


  2. Happy SITS Day to you, and those next 2 months are going to FLY by! John will be back and you will think of how well you coped through the deployment. My father was in the military and when he traveled, I remember how tough it was for all of us. Very excited for you on his return and your upcoming wedding! Love your site! Jennifer @ PinkWhen

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I cannot imagine doing deployment with a family– your family was very strong! :-) I really appreciate your kind words!

  3. Happy SITS Day to you!

    Love that care package idea. I usually just toss a bunch of stuff in there and send it. Maybe I’ll try to be more creative and see if my husband notices.

  4. Congrats on your SITS day! I love getting to know about you and reading stories firsthand from someone dealing with deployment. You both make a beautiful pair and I love the care packages you send–so thoughtful!

    Hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight and that you meet loads of new bloggers :)

  5. Happy SITS Day to you! And a big thanks to your fiance for his service. The care packages you create are absolutely adorable!

    1. Thank you, Kristen! John often reads my blog, so I’m sure he will see your comment! I will tell him, too though. :-)

  6. Congrats on your SITS day! Enjoy your time in the limelight. Thank you and your fiance for his service; he’s greatly appreciated. Love the care package!

    1. Thanks, Eva, for dropping by and commenting! I will be sure to pass along your message, although John often reads my blog, so he may see your comment before I tell him! :)

  7. Happy SITS Day! What a great idea for a blog – thank you to both you and your future husband for serving our country!

  8. Hooray its your SITS day!!! You know I’m already a fan and a follower.

    Just wanted to let you know that April is Spring Cleaning month on our blog. So, link up your Home Organization blog posts in any of these wonderful areas above and at the end of April, I will re-post highlights from some of my favorite posts. Happy Linking…!!


    1. Thanks, Khloe! I don’t have any organizational tips right now, but you can bet I’ll be stopping by to see what other people have to share! :-)

  9. Happy SITS day! I’m so glad to see you featured today! I found you via Rekita’ Lovely Blog Hop a while back. You’re so strong and I commend your strength! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  10. That care packaged (and all the others I have viewed on your site) is adorable! Even the one you called a “fail” was super cute. I love your blog. Happy wedding planning :)

  11. Awesome blog! I think blogging has really been a saving grace for many of us for a variety of reasons and your reason solidifies why having a community and support system is so important. I wish you and your fiance the best of luck in love and life!

    1. I think you’re absolutely right, Tracie! It has been so wonderful to get to know people all over the world and from all walks of life. It’s especially been great to get to meet so many military significant others– I’m not alone! :-)

  12. Congrats on your SITS Day. Sounds like a great attitude to have.

    Followed you on Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook

  13. Happy SITS day! congratulations! oh and congratulations on your engagement! Love the blog! Now following on Twitter as @scggirl. Can’t wait to see more of the wedding planning!

  14. Hello!! I wish I had a spectacular blog like this to help me through my husband’s deployment to Iraq a few years back. This is a fantastic place. Happy SITS day!

  15. Hi there! I’m here from SITS! I started my blog during my husband’s last deployment-he has served two years in Iraq and one in Afghanistan with the Army. We were engaged and planning a wedding during his Afghanistan deployment too-in 2005! Congrats on your SITS day, loving your care package ideas especially-Definitely pinning them to my Army Life Pinterest board for inevitable future reference!

  16. Happy belated SITS day to you! Congrats! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

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