102 Puns for Care Packages

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It’s probably no surprise that I love dorky puns. They are so much fun– especially when you’re working with a long deployment and not feeling particularly creative. So here you go– 102 puns, broken into topics and some with suggestions of what to put with them! Write them on sticky notes and attach to different products, or use them to theme you’re entire package. (And if some of these look familiar, or you’d like to see them being used in action, check out my previous post, 22 Super Dorky Puns for Care Packages.) Have a ton of pun!

List of puns to use for care packages. Love this & saving it!


  1. Orange you glad you’re XX months in?
  2. You’re the apple of my eye.
  3. It’s ap-pear-ant that we belong together!
  4. I grapely appreciate you!
  5. Being in love with you is sub-lime!
  6. Your good looks leave me s-peach-less!
  7. I’m cherry in love with you!
  8. I’m berry in love with you!
  9. You’re plum-believeable!
  10. Way to man-go!
  11. I find you a-peeling.
  12. Happy banana-versary.
  13. You hold the kiwi to my heart.
  14. Can’t wait to go on another date!

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  1. Can’t beet being in your arms!
  2. Can’t wait until you turnip again!
  3. Lettuce look forward to XXXX!
  4. You’re kind of a big dill.
  5. You beet-long next to me.
  6. Gourd job!
  7. I love you from your head to your tomatoes.
  8. Olive you!
  9. I kale about you.
  10. I’ve bean dreaming of you.
  11. I garlic you a lot.
  12. Aw, shucks– I love you.
  13. I yam in your corner.
  14. We go together like peas and carrots.

Other Foods

  1. You’re on a roll!
  2. We’re butter together.
  3. I love you a latte.
  4. You’re tea-rific!
  5. Coffee you soon!
  6. Love you s’more!
  7. We’re mint to be tea-gether.
  8. I love you a chocolate.
  9. I’m nuts about you.
  10. Love you, honey.
  11. You’re soda-rn awesome!
  12. It’s soda-pressing being apart.
  13. You doughnut belong so far away from me.
  14. You have a pizza my heart.
  15. I love our relation-chip.
  16. Wish we could ca-noodle.
  17. Miss your (cinna)buns!
  18. You’re un-pho-gettable.
  19. You’re soup-er!
  20. I wanna hold your ham.
  21. Salami get this straight…
  22. You’re hold the cookie to my heart.
  23. I’m going crackers without you.


  1. I leprechaun’t wait to see you.
  2. I can’t leaf you alone! (I’ll never leaf you alone!)
  3. I’m snow bored without you.
  4. I would FALL for you every time!
  5. Celebrate Halloween with a bottle of boos!
  6. I’m stuffed with gratitude for you. (Thanksgiving.)
  7. Spring into action!
  8. You are my sunshine. (Summer)
  9. I’m Christmas-ing you.
  10. Without you, I’m in a holidays.
  11. You’re Santastic!
  12. Just be Claus I love you…
  13. Some bunny loves you!

List of puns to use for care packages. Love this & saving it!


  1. I’m (star)bursting with love. (Starburst)
  2. You’re the best husband/friend/fiance/wife… bar none.  (Bar None)
  3. Hey, toots! (Tootsie Rolls)
  4. Kudos to you! (Kudos)
  5. You’re my lifesaver! (Lifesavers)
  6. I’m extra happy we’re together. (Extra Gum)
  7. Can’t wait to skor when you come home! (Skor Bar)
  8. You rock my world! (Pop Rocks)
  9. Take five and enjoy these snacks. (Take 5 Bar)
  10. Deployment sucks! (lollipops)
  11. It blows when we’re not together. (Blow Pops)
  12. Hey there, sugar! (Any candy works!)
  13. You’re unbearably cute! (Gummy bears)
  14. Loving you is no truffle at all. (Truffle-filled candies)
  15. You’re eggs-ellent! (Cadbury Eggs)
  16. Where have you bean all my life? (Jelly beans)


  1. You’re better than all the otters.
  2. You’re my significant otter.
  3. I can’t bear being apart.
  4. You’re doggone fantastic!
  5. Let minnow when you’re coming home!
  6. I’m not kitten you– you’re the best!
  7. My deer, you’re the best.
  8. I’m fawning all over you.
  9. Being without is ruff.
  10. You’re purrfect.
  11. I’m hog wild about you.
  12.  Owl always love you.
  13. You’re the cat’s meow.
  14. I want to hug you meow.
  15. Whale you be mine?
  16. You’re dolphin-teresting.
  17. I caribou you.

Other Puns

  1. I fu-man choose you!
  2. I mustache you to XXXXXXXX.
  3. You’re write for me! (Stationary)
  4. I’m sew darn glad we’re together! (Sewing kit)
  5. I chews you!

List of puns to use for care packages. Love this & saving it!

PS. If you enjoyed this care package help, I think you’ll love the Ultimate List of Care Package Help— it contains everything you need to make your care package kick some serious butt.


15 Responses

  1. My husband loves dragons…right now we are working on a “blue without you” box (children and I)…but next, next is a dragon pun themed one. Just not sure which theme. Dragon my feet. “I want this relationship to drag-on”…I don’t know.

  2. I think that a lot of these puns are terrible and i was trying to find something actually good for my mums birthday card :-(

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