71 Pop Culture Puns for Care Packages

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There’s nothing like a goofy, good care package pun when you’re sending a box halfway across the world. And there’s nothing like a fun theme around a favorite TV show or movie to make a care package interesting and engaging. Here are a bunch of pop culture puns that are perfect for a care package– whether it’s written on a card, on the box flaps, or used as package toppers. Enjoy!

Care package puns using pop culture including Dr. Who, Disney, Harry Potter, celebrities, LOTR and Dexter.


  1. I’ll Bey there for you!
  2. Cher this Box with Your Coworkers – include a few of the same things to be shared
  3. I hope you get this Justin Time-berlake for _____ (holiday)!
  4. My heart is (Clay) Aiken for you!
  5. This box has only One Direction: open up!
  6. I’ve Jimmy Fallon for you!


  1. You can really BEeyore self around me.
  2. No you Aladdin’t!
  3. I’m Le Fou for you!
  4. Did it hurt when you Male-fell-cent from heaven?
  5. I’m so lucky you’re all Jas-mine.
  6. You ring my Belle.
  7. Olaf you very much!
  8. You’re the King, and I’m not Lion!
  9. Wanna Poke your Hontas.

Harry Potter

  1. I Dumble-adore you!
  2. If I were in jail, you’d be the first I’d McGona-call.
  3. I fall in love with you Volde-more and more every day.
  4. You’re Gryffin-adorable!
  5. Call me Gilderoy—you’ve Locked up my Hart!
  6. Your Longbottom is just right to me.
  7. My name isn’t Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood.
  8. I get Moody when I’m not with you.
  9. Oliver Wood you be mine?

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  1. Enjoy this Cumber-batch of cookies!
  2. You’re Watson my mind!
  3. ____ days til you come Holmes!
  4. Enjoy Mycrofts I made for you!
  5. My sights are Sherlocked on you!

Care package puns using pop culture including Dr. Who, Disney, Harry Potter, celebrities, LOTR and Dexter.

Star Trek

  1. Keep your eye on the Enter-prize
  2. Keep on Trekking
  3. No Bones about it… You’re the real McCoy
  4. Hope this package makes you Shatner wth delight
  5. Just a Spock of fun for the man I love
  6. I Nimoy of you in my life
  7. You can get deep in my space anytime
  8. Klingon to these treats and enjoy!
  9. Me not loving you? Highly illogical…
  10. Live long and prosper with these treats!
  11. Open the box! Resistance is futile!
  12. Set phasers to yum!

Star Wars

  1. Keep your heart open. One could even say it’s a-Jar Jar.
  2. You’re my Rey of sunshine.
  3. Is your name Luke? ‘Cause you’ve been Skywalking through my mind all day.
  4. I’ve been Han Solo since you been gone, but soon enough we’ll be together!
  5. Can’t wait until you Lando back on US soil!
  6. I’m just a Poe boy, nobody loves me.
  7. Don’t you C-3PO how much I love you?
  8. I think you’re de-Leia-cious.
  9. I’m your Naboo, you’re my Na-bae.
  10. Don’t go Chew-breakin’ my heart.

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Doctor Who

  1. What’s in the box? Spoilers!
  2. Care packages are cool…
  3. Exterminate! (the tape and open the box already!)
  4. Military TARDIS: These Are Really Delightful Items and Snacks
  5. Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and your box is gone.
  6. Silence will fall… when you see all the treats in this box!
  7. Judoon’t have to say thank you–just enjoy!


  1. Enjoy a little slice of life at home.
  2. I go to pieces thinking about you!
  3. You know how to make my blood flow!
  4. Mi-am-i happy you got this


    1. Enjoy the Legolast box before R&R
    2. Isen-guard this box
    3. One box to rule them all!
    4. Fro-do you want to know what’s inside?
    5. Boromir-ly open up for a treat
    6. It’s hard out here for a Pippin
    7. YOLO Swaggins!
    8. You shall not pass… up this care package)
    9. One does not simply open this box

Pop Culture Puns Checklist

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