33 Summer Puns for Care Packages

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I received a pair of Randolph’s sunglasses to write this  post. All opinions and really, really awful puns are all mine. Do not blame Randolph Engineering. They’re much cooler than I am.

When John went on deployment, he left at the beginning of June. Any time I think of his deployment, I think of those first weeks of June, which were the hardest for the both of us as we got acclimated to figuring out how life during deployment was supposed to go. Summer always feels like it should be happy… but I wasn’t.

summer puns

So I made care packages. A lot of them. And I have a feeling that at least a few of you will be feeling that way too this summer.

Today is Sunglasses Day, which is the perfect, random day to theme a care package around, but you can use these dorky summer pun ideas any time this season!


  1. Throwing shade your way. (Include sunglasses, a hat, etc.) 
  2. Deployment’s a beach.
  3. Whale, hello there.
  4. Goodies sent on porpoise!
  5. No flip-flopping! I love you!
  6. I ofishally miss you!
  7. Need some vitamin sea?
  8. I shore miss you!
  9. I’m crabby without you!
  10. Sun’s out, guns out.


  1. I need s’more of you in my life!
  2. Orange you glad we’re one day closer?
  3. You’re the pineapple of my eye!
  4. Let’s ketchup soon!
  5. Blanketing you with love…
  6. Your good looks leave me s-peach-less!
  7. I love our relation-chip!
  8. I’m cherry in love with you!
  9. You’re soda-rn awesome!
  10. It’s soda-pressing being apart.
  11. You’re soda one for me!
  12. I’m berry in love with you!
  13. You’re plum-believeable!
  14. Way to man-go!
  15. I’ll always pic(nic) you!

summer puns


  1. You mean the world to me!
  2. You make me a happy camper!
  3. I lake you a lot!
  4. My love for you is in-tents!
  5. Our love is plane to see!
  6. Without you, I’m in a holidays.
  7. You’re a trip!

Once you choose your summer care package theme, you’ll want to fill that box with fun goodies. That’s where this video comes in! Watch it and then enter Randolph’s Seen It All sweepstakes! You could be the lucky winner who will get to pick out 4 pairs of Randolph sunglasses. (You don’t have to put all 4 in the care package… I won’t tell if you don’t!) By the way these are handcrafted sunglasses that are 100% made in the USA (specifically, Massachusetts). Just thought you’d want to know!

Enjoy that care-package crafting and get out into the sun a little yourself!

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