See You Later Care Package

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I absolutely love sharing care packages from other military spouses and significant others around the world! Meet Jamie, a fellow Navy wife. Jamie and her family currently reside in Spain and are going through a naval deployment. Jamie’s husband is forward deployed which means “he can deploy at a moment’s notice.” Jamie does an awesome job of incorporating her two little boys in making the care packages. Her attitude is fantastic– both realistic and optimistic: “We hate deployments as much as the next military family but making care packages makes time go by and allows us to have fun making them… and my husband LOVES receiving them.” 

This idea is so sweet. Jamie was able to leave this care package in her husband’s rack (bunk) before he shipped out, so he not only had a surprise, he had a little extra love from home right away. 

Jamie used colorful wrapping paper to decorate the box and wrapped or decorated some of the items in the box– it’s such a lively, uplifting package!


  •  batteries
  • water bottle for workouts
  • ping-pong balls for a game
  • Mios
  • snacks
  • 5-Hour Energy Shots
  • PowerBars
  • gummy bears with a note (“Life will be unbearable without you.”)
  • Open When letters that included a bedtime story Jamie’s sons made up for when their dad can’t sleep, a piece of bubble wrap for stressful times, knock-knock jokes and funny pictures for when a laugh is needed
  • life-sized hugs (Jamie’s sons made and decorated these. They are absolutely adorable.)
  • pictures

Really, how cute are these hugs for their dad?!

6 Responses

  1. All of these care packages posts are so inspiring. With this particular care package, the open when letters really hit my soft spot. We are currently in a deployable unit, but my husband will be gone for shorter amounts of time and more frequently…so not your typical deployment type stuff. I would love to send him some care packages, but I don’t know that he will even have an address for mail. I will definitely be passing this on to some of my fellow Marine wives though!

    1. I’m so glad that you loved Jamie’s post– she did a fantastic job! It stinks that you can’t really send care packages, but perhaps you can give him a few letters and small gifts before he leaves that he can open when he needs them. :-)

  2. I love all these ideas. Thank you. I’m not a military spouse, but my brother is currently deployed. He is not married and no children so I love the ideas that my daughter can do for her uncle as well. The hug idea is my favorite.

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