Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Care Package

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It’s time for every kid who was born in the 80’s and early 90’s to freak out… and go on a trip down memory lane! Today, Jamie is sharing her TMNT-themed care package. And it is awesome. (Did I mention it is also pizza-themed?!)

Jamie and her family currently reside in Spain and are going through a naval deployment. Jamie’s husband is forward deployed which means “he can deploy at a moment’s notice.” Jamie does an awesome job of incorporating her two little boys in making the care packages. Her attitude is fantastic– both realistic and optimistic: “We hate deployments as much as the next military family but making care packages makes time go by and allows us to have fun making them… and my husband LOVES receiving them.” 

I’ll let Jamie explain the inspiration for this care package:  “As my boys and I were at the drive-in watching the new Ninja Turtles movie, my boys were quite upset that Daddy couldn’t be there with us.”

Jamie’s husband has access to a microwave, so she was able to send some foods that are easily prepared and nuked. (Cowabunga, dudes!)


  • pizza crusts
  • pizza sauce
  • pepperoni
  • bacon bits
  • pizza-flavored Pringles Sticks
  • pizza-flavored Pringles
  • mozzerella-flavored Goldfish
  • pepperoni Slim Jim Bites

Other items that were sent (but just weren’t related to pizza)

  • energy drinks
  • Mios
  • gum
  • Rice Krispies
  • miscellaneous snacks
  • work shirts
  • socks and underwear
  • 52 Reasons Why I Love You (on a deck of cards)
  • cards
  • letters
  • drawings from the boys
  • pictures

5 Responses

  1. Ah! Yes! I can’t wait to do this one. My TMNT crazy boys will love it :)

  2. What a cute idea! This is great! My second brother is in the process of enlisting. I will for sure be using these neat ideas for him. I wish I had thought to find care package themed ideas when my other brother was in the military!

    1. Wow– I didn’t know that both of your brothers have/will serve/d! That’s amazing, Cassie. And we should really do something in conjunction again. :-) It’s been too long!

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