31 Joyful Moments in Military Life

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Military life can be really hard. (I think we all agree on that.) But it also can be filled with happiness and a lot of joy. A lot. I think it’s really important to remember that there are many, many beautiful moments that grow out of the way we live our lives.

These are the best parts of military life #milspouse

I asked the Jo, My Gosh! community to share their favorite, happiest moments, the moments that feed their souls. Here’s what they said:

Personal Growth. “I find joy in both him and I learning the Navy life together. And having our relationship grow with the time he spends away, but still finding ways to love each other.” -Miranda

Peace. “Moments when life is fixing to be turned upside-down, but you’re still able to find peace because you’re together now.” -Kisha

The Little Things. “We only get to speak on the phone once a month, if we’re lucky, so we find joy in the little things that allow us to feel close, while being so far. For us it’s waking up a few minutes earlier to read that “good morning” email or send a “sweet dreams” before climbing into bed. It’s a strong appreciation for the little things that has been the foundation for our love. Who knew I’d one day be counting down from triple digits just to have a Skype date night.” -Bianca

Being There. “Being a rock for my fellow milspouses. Being another military family’s extended family. Being their emergency contact. Being their hostess. Being their friends.” -Jessica

Laundry. “Looking at mess of ACUs and smiling because they’re in your house and not the field.” -Ashley

Career Advancement. “A hard earned promotion, and most recently when my husband was accepted into the AGR program.” -Jennifer

The Countdown. “When my countdown says less than a week til we get to see each other.” -Ames

Moving.PCS. Always a surprise, never knowing what’s in store. I love coming to the gate for the first time.” -Alexandra

Falling in Love. (Again.)“Getting to fall in love over and over again when you spend time apart!” -Janelle

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Watching Other Homecomings. “I fly A LOT for my job and watching the airport reunions from a distance is extremely meaningful for me.” -Heather

Growing Together. “Something that brings me joy as the fiancée of a US soldier is our devotional time. We have this fabulous devotional book that was written by a Navy wife specifically for military couples. It’s called Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment and it’s really helped us to tackle some of the bigger problems that many military couples have. It also helps us to get closer together even though we live in different states at the moment.” -Lauren
The Dress Uniform. “Watching my soldier walk down the steps in his dress uniform always brings tears to my eyes and makes me catch my breath. Its a mixture of pride for my husband, the military and our country.” -Judy from The Direction Diva
Deployment Phone Calls. “Getting a 5-minute phone call when he’s on deployment.” -Shannon
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Surprising Loved Ones. “Getting to come home for family get-togethers is so special now that we live apart. One time I surprised my family by just showing up. There were lots of screams and tears and a whole lot of joy!” -Tiffany from Seeing Sunshine

Pursuing Dreams.I love watching my man pursue his dreams in the military. I can really tell that he loves his job!” -Hannah

Homecoming. “By far the HOMECOMINGS!!  Seeing the look on my boy’s faces when they get that first glimpse of their Dad is priceless!!” -Danya

These are the best parts of military life #milspouse

The Mailbox. “Receiving a letter in the mail from my husband after being apart was a huge joy to me. While he was at LDAC for a month while we were dating, it was our first time apart. I wrote him a letter every single day and he wrote me a few times a week.” -Tiffany

Adventuring the World. “Exploring new locations together and finding that special favorite place in each place we live.” -Pamela

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Fini Flights. “Watching fini flights. Fini flights are the last flight that a pilot takes when they stop flying. There are first flights and fini flights (silly string). Both are celebrations, you bring champaign, hoses, and other things. When they land, you spray the pilot/aircrew member with champaign and water. It usually happens before you retire.” -Jodi

Promotions. “Watching my husband when he was promoted to Chief. It was a transitional moment in his career and then being piped ashore at his retirement ceremony and having my Army brother read the watch. The ceremony was beautiful and really showed what a brotherhood he shares with all those who serve.” -Michelle

The Wives and Families. “I have only been to one station in Alaska, but I met some great military wives and families who helped me as I tried to figure out everything as well as opening their homes and creating families wherever they go.” -Angie

Acknowledgment. “Being with my boyfriend somewhere in public when they ask all military active or veteran to stand in acknowledgment of their service before they play the national anthem.” -Melanie

The Thank-Yous. “He is stationed at Kunsan AFB, while off base at a grocery store a Korean man came up to him, shook his hand, and thanked him for serving in Korea. ….so simple, but SO touching.” -Shannon

FaceTime. “Being able to see him via FaceTime after a long work day on both ends, despite the 13 hour time difference.” -Paige

Anticipating Homecoming. “After who knows how long of field training or whatever training my husband leaves for, the time leading up to his return is full of sweet memories and brainstorming ideas to surprise him somehow.” -Angie

Old Friends. “When you move to a new town and you have “old” friends waiting for you.” -Danya
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Roadtripping Abroad. “When we were living in Germany, every weekend that the guys were in the field, my stairwell neighbor and I would pack up our kids and go exploring in my car ( She didn’t have a car, so I wanted to be sure she saw some of the country we we were stationed in…) We’d pour over the map, select a back road and drive it, picnicking somewhere new. Our kids would play with local kids on the playground and we adults soaked in the culture of wherever we ended up…” – Circe from the Museum of the American Military Family

The Hug. “When he comes home and holds me for the first time. That’s a big moment every time.” -Jakki

Slow Dancing at the Ball. “My favorite memory together was at the Marine Corps ball. It was so great to see him in his blues and to have a slow dance together. He told me how beautiful I was and how lucky he was to have me as his girlfriend.” -Brooke from Jar Head Designs

The Helicopters. “Sitting at the beach with helicopters flying over.  That sound, smell and sight always makes me smile!” -Danya

The Excitement. “Always going on new adventures in new places together. You forget the stress of the packing, moving and saying goodbyes when you learn all the awesome new things of your new duty station!” -Tiffany

What do you want to add to this list? What moment in military life brings you joy?

2 Responses

  1. Love this list! We still have 9 months until we see each other again, but I’m already doing a countdown and I’m already excited for the homecoming :) I even have my outfit picked out for if he comes home in December to visit and for when he comes home for good in July haha I’m a bit ahead of myself. I’m also super excited to find out where we’re moving next year!

  2. I have to agree about the excitement of it all! Even though it takes me way out of my comfort zone, I always love how alive it makes me feel knowing there is always a new adventure just around the corner…

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