6 Care Packages for Spring

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John’s been home for eight months now! It feels like his homecoming was both so short a time and so long ago! Crazy, crazy, crazy! For those of you making care packages right now, you know how crazy it also feels to be working on boxes for the Spring when there’s still snow on the ground.

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If you’re stuck or need an idea, take some inspiration from the springtime boxes I made last year. And remember, even though it seems dreary, snowy, and grey, spring is coming!

(Click on each picture for detailed information about decorating and contents! I’ve got you covered!)

1. St. Patrick’s Day Box

You bet your lucky shamrocks that I sent a root beer pong box. Cheesy? Not cheesier than the puns that I decorated the inside of the box with. And yes, I know my exceptionally painful, cheesy puns.

2. Running Box

Spring is a great time to get back outside and run in the fresh air. This box was full of healthy foods and performance gear for running, including Clif Bars, Gatorade, and granola. If you’re looking for a great list of healthy foods that are also shelf-stable and great for shipping, check this list out.

3. Easter Egg Care Package

If you can’t come to the egg hunt, the egg hunt can come to you! While it’s a fun concept, it’s even easier to make. Paper grass, some plastic eggs, and treats make this box one that will be just as surprising to get as it is to open.

4. Easter Box

Yep, I totally sent two egg hunt boxes. But I had fun with both (including those dino plastic eggs!) and sent a bunch of treats for John to share… although I’m not sure if he actually did.

5. Spring Box

Sometimes you just have to make a pretty care package filled with lots of spring-inspired flavors. Was this probably obnoxious for John to get and open with a bunch of macho dudes? Sure. Did I care all that much? Nope.

6. Box of Sunshine

Bring on the sunshine and the spring! This care package was full of sunshiny, yellow happiness. It’s surprisingly easy to find yellow foods and packaging when you’re looking for them.

Need more care package help?

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