26 Valentine’s Day Care Packages

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Other than Christmas, I found Valentine’s Day to be the toughest time during the deployment. John had recently gone back to Afghanistan after his R&R and Help Cupid find your loved one with a care package– and you can start with these lists. I combed through Pinterest to discover the best real care packages and recipes and gifts made by real people for you.

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Craving more care package PINspiration? Follow my care package ideas board and featured care packages board.

Care Packages:

  1. Chocolate Lover’s 
  2. Date Night
  3. Heart Attack
  4. Another Heart Attack
  5. The Longer the Wait
  6. Valentine’s Day
  7. Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake
  8. I Can’t Wait to Make Out With You
  9. Punny Valentine’s Package
  10. Sweet, Spicy, & Savory: 3 Great Valentine’s Care Package Ideas
  11. Pink
  12. True
  13. Heart-Themed
  14. XOXO
  15. Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas
  16. Reasons Why I Love You
  17. Mwah!
  18. Conversation Heart
  19. Be Mine?
  20. Check One
  21. Hey Soldier of Mine
  22. Photo
  23. Will You Be My Valentine?
  24. Long Distance Love
  25. Red Hot
  26. Minions!

Gifts & Recipes:

More Valentine’s Day On Jo, My Gosh!:

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  1. I just tossed a bunch of stuff in a box. I’m mailing it tomorrow. I am just not creative. But by golly, I did remember the chips he asked for!

    1. Dude, whatever gets the job done! :-) What chips did he ask for, btdubs? I was never brave enough to send chips!

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