25 Easter Care Package Ideas

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Let’s be honest: Easter isn’t really the emotional holiday that Christmas and Thanksgiving are. It can be easy to overlook it in your care package schedule. But the truth is, because there are usually fewer expectations (or, eggspectations, ha!) around the holiday and because it’s not typically a holiday with a lot of gifting, Easter can be a ton of fun when it comes to happy mail.

And it can be really easy since there are tons of fun Easter- and Spring-themed items that are easily accessible online and in stores. Think pastel-colored candies, Easter-themed snacks, plastic eggs, and other items are great additions to a care package. (And if you’re worried about sending chocolates and other meltable candies, try these ideas for treats that don’t melt but are tasty, shelf-stable, and edible.)

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Ready to send that Easter care package? Start with this list of ideas. Then, check out the themed, curated gifts and recipe inspiration to round the package. If it’s feeling all a little overwhelming, take a deep breath. Whatever you send is going to be great because it’s from you!

Care Packages

  1. Easter Hunt in a Box
  2. Egg Hunt in Afghanistan
  3. Some Bunny Special
  4. 100 Eggs Why I Love You
  5. You Make My Heart Hoppy (Etsy) 
  6. Some Bunny Loves You 
  7. Giant Easter Egg 
  8. Spring into Your Arms 
  9. Mailing Plastic Easter Eggs 
  10. Marbled Egg 
  11. Spring is in the Air

Love these ideas for #Easter #happymail! #carepackage #carepackages #military #lds #missionary #college #collegestudent #militaryfamily #deployment #jomygosh #milspouse #milso #milspo #ldr #longdistance #gifting #gifts


  1. Easter Basket Charm DIY
  2. Rice Krispie Surprise Eggs 
  3. Rice Krispie Eggs 
  4. Lemon Chick Peeper Cookies  
  5. Some Bunny Loves You Card 
  6. Carrot Treat Bags 
  7. Carrot Treat Bags with Cheese Puffs 
  8. Easter Egg Notes Printables
  9. Easter Tic Tac Label Printable 
  10. 3 Easter Printables 
  11. Handprint Carrot Gift Bags 
  12. Chick Fruit Cup 
  13. Washcloth Bunnies DIY 
  14. Spring Bark Recipe 

Looking For More Care Package Ideas? Try These:

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