9 Free Programs for Military Families

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Thanks to Valerie from Caliber Collision for guest posting today! (This is not a sponsored post.)

I didn't know about these free programs. #milfam #milspouse

“Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.”  -Star Wars:  The Clone Wars

Life can be hard and often throws us unexpected curve balls, and in a moment’s time, everything can change. From financial problems to health issues to relationship troubles, we often wonder how we will make it through the day, month, and even year. As a military family, it can be even harder.  With deployments and frequent PCSes, it can be difficult to make ends meet, but thankfully, countless organizations have stepped in to provide assistance when we need it most.  Because of these programs, and numerous others, we can sleep a little easier at night and not worry as much about our family’s future.

When we are on the receiving end of help, it can be hard to actually accept it.  Receiving assistance is often viewed as embarrassing because we consider it failure on our part, but accepting support is essentially a characteristic of strength–you are strong enough to admit that you do need additional support during this stage. Putting your pride aside to accept help is necessary because in essence, you are putting your family above yourself.  You will not need assistance forever, and after you are back on your feet, you can pay it forward by helping someone else in need.

In the past decade, the amount of military support programs have steadily grown, and many companies are taking the initiative to create one using their specific products and services.  From transition after service to family support during deployment, a support program is available for your use.  These programs are designed to support you, and you should accept the assistance because of the positive impact it will have on your family.

I didn't know about these free programs. #milfam #milspouse

Programs that provide support:

Armed Services YMCA– offers free and low-cost programs specializing in youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, for junior enlisted military and their families

Camp Corral– provides a one-week camp experience for children of fallen and injured military service members

Operation Homefront– funds day-to-day expenses (ex. car repair, light bill, hospital bills, etc.) for military families during a financial hardship

Operation Uplink– a calling program established by Veterans of Foreign War allowing deployed military to make phone calls home at no cost to them

Our Military Kids– supports military children by providing grants to pay for fees associated with athletic, fine arts, and tutoring programs

Recycled Rides– created by Caliber Collision as a program to give refurbished vehicles in proper driving condition to current military and veterans

Troop to Troops– developed by the Girl Scouts of the USA as a way to deliver donated Girl Scout cookies to military troops stationed overseas

Troops to Teachers– a Department of Defense program that offers military veterans the opportunity to pursue a career as a public school teacher

Veterans Upward Bound– assists veterans with post-secondary educational studies by providing programs in counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and academic instruction for core subject areas

Military support programs are created with the purpose of helping you through your moment of need, and you should accept the assistance because of how it will benefit your family.  When you are able, be sure to continue the kindness chain by paying it forward to someone else during their time of need.  Of course, not everyone has the means to create a non-profit, but everyone can perform small acts of kindness such as delivering cookies to a family with a deployed parent or buying groceries for a family facing large medical expenses.  Kindness makes a difference no matter the size.

If you’ve used other programs that weren’t listed here, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Military OneSource is great too!
    They can get you free counseling and many other support services.

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