How to Send a Completely Free Deployment Care Package

This is not a sponsored post. I am providing this information as a service to the reader. I am only passing on this information because it is a fantastic resource for deployed service members– I cannot solve problems or answer questions further than what is presented here.

Crown Royal– yes, that  Crown Royal– is joining forces with care package nonprofit, Packages from Home. Crown Royal is packing mini care packages in their signature purple bags. Each care package contains four items and a real note from someone who has virtually packed the bag. And yes, it’s absolutely free to you and it only takes about two minutes to complete.

I decided to try it out from start to finish. Here’s what happened for me. Send a free care package to deployed service members #milso #milspouse #military

First, I logged onto Crown Royal’s project site.  You will be asked to verify your age. Because it is a site promoted by an alcoholic product, those under 21 are not allowed to enter.

Then, you’ll be transferred to a splash page that will explain a little bit about Crown Royal’s partnership with Packages from Home. You can click the button that says “Pack a bag online” to get started.

Once you do, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Free care package opportunity

You’re given the choice to choose four of eight items that are popular care package stuffers. Those care box items are chips, coffee, cookies, instant oatmeal, lip balm, nuts, pretzels, and tea. You can choose any combination of four food or health products. (You can’t choose more than that… I guess only four things fit in the purple bags!)

Scroll down under the “packing” section and you can type in a message that will be included with the personalized care package as well. You will need to verify an email address to submit. And yes, you can only “pack” one gift per email address. Then, just hit “submit.”

Free care package opportunity

While you can’t direct a care package to a particular loved one, remember there are many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who, for whatever reason, don’t have someone who sends them things while they’re gone. This seems to be a lovely little way to give back without it costing you a thing (except a little time).

The project will take place until July 31, 2018, so there’s plenty of time to participate.

If you’re looking for other low- or no-cost ways to send care packages to deployed troops, make sure you check out my post that outlines some corporations who are giving back through free care packages. And then there’s this one, with even more free stuff for deployed service members.

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