5 MORE Money-Saving Care Package Hacks

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Ever feel like you’re dumping out your wallet to send a care package? I know I did when John was deployed. I didn’t begrudge him any of it, but still, with an impending wedding, a car on its last legs, and a thrifty upbringing, I wanted to make my money stretch.

How to get FREE care package supplies.

After all, the further that money stretches, the more stuff John could get! It was a win-win, and something that I worked very hard to accomplish.

And before you start reading this list, just a friendly reminder that you might be interested in my original post on the hacks that can save you huge amounts of money on care packages (because believe me, those tips will help you save your cash).

Use packaging that matters.

No matter how skilled you are at Tetris-ing your care package, you will probably have nooks and crannies and extra space in your care package. Even if it’s small, use that space to your advantage. John appreciates when I use plastic shopping bags as packing material– he can reuse the bags and is always in need of them. Can’t fit the whole box of granola bars in intact? Open the box up and slip individual bars in the cracks between the other items. Write a whole slew of letters and wedge them into small spaces.  Make sure that what packing material you do use either makes your recipient smile or is useful– don’t just send wadded up newspaper.

Get friendly with dollar stores, dollar sections, and clearance shelves.

Face it– most of what you’re sending in care packages will either be consumed, thrown away, ruined, or left behind when your recipient comes home. Choose your expensive items carefully. If you’re looking for items that are disposable, check out discount stores. My five-and-ten of choice is Five Below (they always seem to have the funkiest, most interesting stuff), but I’ve also found helpful items at The Dollar Tree. Check the ends of the shelving rows at Michael’s and Staples– usually they will hide their heavily discounted clearance items there. Target and Michael’s also have pretty awesome dollar sections that have both raw crafting materials and gift items. (Watch the coupons for Michael’s– they will sometimes have coupons that can be used for total purchases, as well as their standard 40%-off one item. Michael’s also has a 15% teacher’s discount, if you are one, as well as a military discount.)

Use free materials.

If you haven’t heard yet, the USPS will deliver care package supplies right to your door!  They’ll ship you different sizes of the boxes and customs forms (which you can also pick up for free at any post office). Spend three minutes on the phone and save yourself some dough and time.

Send homemade!

Don’t be afraid of sending homemade goodies– both edible and otherwise. I sent John homemade Christmas ornaments, an origami picture frame, a picture-a-day calendar, hand warmers, not to mention the dozens of granola bars and cookies I’ve shipped.

Avoid single-serving foods when possible.

Since single-serving products are almost patently more expensive than bulk ones, this is a great place to save money. Depending on the situation, this can be tough. John was in a situation where I could send him whole boxes of cereal and packages of cookies and crackers because he had a place to store them. I also made my own single-serving foods by measuring out the serving sizes and bagging them in small Ziploc sandwich bags.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi there!

    I LOVE everything about your posts!

    Just 2 comments about this one:

    For your #2: Michaels also offers a military discount (dependent ID’s count) of 10% off your entire order (can be combined with the 40% off a regular price item coupon!) Just thought you might like to add that in for people who aren’t teachers ;) P.S. I work at Michaels!

    For your #3: When I spoke to 3 different post offices in my local area, not one of them heard of this “care package kit.” They all said that the post office is not allowed to supply us with the “priority mail” tape. Also, every time I come across a blog or a post that talks about this “free military care package kit”, the link never works. The only materials I am aware of that we can actually get for free are the boxes and the customs forms. Which can both be ordered to be delivered directly to your front door, or picked up from the post office.

    Thanks again for such an informative blog! :)

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