7 Easy DIYs Any Bride Can Do to Save Money on Her Wedding

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If you’re a bride (or are helping one) planning your wedding, here are seven DIYs that I used to personalize our wedding. I hope they inspire you and help you!

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1. Easy Classy Wedding Invite DIY

Unwilling to pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on our wedding invitations (which most people eventually throw away anyway), I decided to do the invitations myself… with a little help. That’s the thing with DIYs– you don’t have to do everything from scratch. Be strategic in choosing what you’ll put together and what you’ll have professionally done.

2. Pearl-Studded Rice Bags

Upon exiting from the church, each one of our guests took a small black or white (those were our colors) paper bag filled with a tablespoon or two of eco-rice. (Read: sugar pressed into the shape of hearts.) I glammed it up just a bit to elevate the bags. It took just a few minutes and it fit our classic wedding theme.

3. Personalized Bridesmaids Hangars

While I love how cute personalized wire hangars or painted hangars for bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride, mothers-of-the-groom, and brides are, it wasn’t in my budget to purchase them from Etsy or an independent seller. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was able to DIY hangars for my ladies at a fraction of the cost, and with adorable results. (And yes, you can totally do this too!)

4. Ceremony Decorations

Using baby’s breath, ribbon, and tulle, my mom and I created ceremony decor for the ends of the church pews that were simple, elegant, and fit in. Swap colors and/or change the flowers to do the same for your wedding.

5. Table Placards

While our wedding didn’t really have a theme, we did personalize the table cards. Each placard included a photo of us at a place that was important to us. From our first date to where John popped the question, each table told a little bit of our story, which was a lovely way to pull a little bit of our personality and history into a small part of our reception. (And these were very easy to make, too!)

6. Family Tree Cake Table

With just two of our possible eight grandparents alive for our wedding, John and I wanted to make sure that we honored and held space for them at our ceremony and at our reception. We didn’t want to have a somber remembrance though. Instead, we wanted to highlight their wedding pictures and include our parents and our living grandparents into the cake table showcase as well.  Afterward, we took part of the display with us… and it’s now hanging on our wall!

7. Christmas Ornaments

After your wedding, you will most likely have some ephemera– invitations, programs or bulletins, save the dates– that you’ll not really know what to do with. And, if you’ve just married into the military, you probably won’t want to drag a bunch of papers from one installation to the next, no matter how special they are to you.  Regardless if you’re military or not, these easy-to-make Christmas ornaments are a lovely way to preserve memories of your wedding day for years to come.

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