5 Gifts That Will Up Your Care Package Game

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This post is sponsored in part by Nakturnal. All work and opinions are my own. 

An extended absence from a loved one brings up a lot of feelings and situations that can be difficult. There are practical things to take into consideration; there are emotions to deal with; there are financial issues to think about. I remember dealing with all of that and then being like… “and what else can I put in a care package?”

I was out of ideas and still felt like I needed to send something.

Maybe you’re feeing like that too. Or maybe you just need some extra ideas. Whatever the reason, try putting these in your next care package.

1. Unique gifts

I love supporting women-owned and small businesses, especially right now. From succulent planters to breezy tunics to chic reusable shopping bags, retailer RockFlowerPaper has gorgeous products that would be fun to discover secreted away in a care package.

2. Open When Letters

Create Open When letters– notes meant for your loved one to open, using the directions on the envelope–to give your recipient something to look forward to throughout the month (or year!). I’ve got tons of ideas for you so you don’t have to come up with them– here are 102 ones, and here are 55 more–as well as a bundle that you can print out to make your letters gorgeous and fun!

3. USB drive

Send a video care package along in your physical care package. If your recipient is able to view files on a USB drive with a tablet or laptop, this is sure to be a hit. Take video of friends and families, experiences, favorite places, and moments that your recipient might feel they’re missing. Load them onto the USB drive and send it off with directions for them (so they know what it is!).

4. Stress relievers

Deployments and separations can be distressing and stressful at times. While you can always send a stress ball, why not think a little outside the box? Make them laugh with these 31 gifts that will do the cursing for you. (Caution: Some of these products do use curse words, so know your audience before you send!)

5. Kids’ art

You don’t have to have kids to include art work and writing from children. Extended family members or family friends’ kids can help contribute to a care package. After all, there’s something sweet and genuinely lovely about a stick figure drawing sent across the ocean.



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  1. I never thought of reusable bags as a gift for a care package, but now I can’t wait to do that! Thanks for the inspo!

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